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Menuebutton Schloss Reichenau an der Rax

Schloss Reichenau including vault

In course of the renovation for the regional exhibition of Lower Austria (Niederoesterrechische Landesausstellung), conducted by architect DI Gerhard Lindner, the wall bordering the court room was torn down while the entrance door was left in its place. So it was possible to create a new entrance hall in the castle.

The newly created hall for events – with a capacity of 250 seats – has good acoustics and can be seen as a symbiosis between the old and the new.

A permanent equipment feature is the so-called “Boesendorfer Fluegel” (a grand piano).

The stage can be compiled by a set of single modules up to a size of 32 m2 and up to a height of 40, 60 or 80 centimetres.

The lightning and sound system are at your disposal according to your individual requests at a very moderate price.

Of course it is also possible for you to use your own equipment.

Price includes Vault

Pictures of hall and vault:

Please contact us; we are looking forward to it.

Mr. Richard Tauchner (chief officer)
Hauptstrasse 63
First floor, room 7
Phone: 02666/52206 - 13


Mag. Sabine Tauchner
Hauptstrasse 63
Ground floor, room 1
phone: 02666/52206 - 21


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