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Menuebutton Schloss Reichenau an der Rax

Open-air area

AußenflächenFor any kind of outdoor event we offer you a meadow situated at the western side of the castle and partly shaded by wonderful old trees. At the southern side bordered by the former estate manager’s house, the meadow offered the beautiful and professional atmosphere, appropriate for such an event, when in 2003 the regional exhibition of Lower Austria (Niederoesterreichische Landesausstellung) did commence.

With a size of about 2500 m2 the meadow offers enough space for marquees, outside facilities and the necessary infrastructure for your events.

As an extraordinarily attractive atmosphere for your event we offer you the inner courtyard of Reichenau castle.

The inner courtyard is surrounded by historical buildings and more modern modules that were added during the renovation works for the regional exhibition of Lower Austria (Niederoesterreichische Landesausstellung), which were conducted by architect DI Gerhard Lindner. This setting offers you an atmosphere that has no equal.

It is an ideal place for concerts or theatre performances or for whatever you would like to do in such an atmosphere.

Concerning the organisation of your event regarding technical equipment, catering etc. we are at your disposal:

Mr. Richard Tauchner (chief officer)
Hauptstrasse 63
First floor, room 7
Phone: 02666/52206 - 13


Mag. Sabine Tauchner
Hauptstrasse 63
Ground floor, room 1
phone: 02666/52206 - 21



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