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A summer retreat fit for emperors

A great Alpine experience, culture & relaxation – all year round! Pure mountain air (experts talk of a ‘climate swing’), pristine natural surroundings and the spring which still supplies the metropolitan city of Vienna with precious drinking water constitute the treasures of the mountain world around Reichenau (which has officially been declared a ‘spa resort’ since 1928). The same treasures have made the region a reservoir of good health for the body and mind over two centuries right up to today.

A destination and domicile for the court and landed gentry owing to the beauty of its countryside, Reichenau has also been a magnificent source of inspiration for artists and intellectuals. And today, more than ever, Reichenau remains a regional and international meeting place when it comes to nature, art, culture and science, and to the interaction of tradition and modernity.

A summer retreat fit for emperorsIn keeping with old cherished traditions, visitors are always treated like emperors in Reichenau. Today’s guests will still enjoy the open-mindedness and cordiality of the past as well as the wide choice of excellent fare and good drink today. Revel in the comfort and cosiness of the accommodations and in the Alpine authenticity of our mountain establishments.

"Everyone departing from this valley left in unmitigated contentment with the desire to re-establish its acquaintance at the very next opportunity …" (A. Muchmayr 1842)

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