Marktgemeinde Reichenau an der Rax. Aktuelle Informationen für BürgerInnen und Gäste von Reichenau an der Rax.

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Reichenauer Wanderführer

Arrive. Take a deep breath.

Valleys of pastures and rocky gorges, summer sun and winter fairytales, a mild and high Alpine climate – between 500 m and 2,007 m above sea level in Reichenau, experience the joy of nature and a way of living that couldn’t be more mellow, more Alpine, more authentic, international, traditional, and yes, more modern – and all at the same time: now is the moment to arrive, to encounter and experience the present and the past – Reichenau is well worth (re-)discovering, time and time again.

arriveWe bid you a warm welcome!

Enjoy the mountain world in all its glory on walks, climbing routes and outings, take a 10-minute ride on the Rax cableway and arrive in high Alpine regions – only a short distance away from the gates of Vienna you’ll find a natural paradise offering lots of different opportunities in summer and winter to discover and relish the challenge of sport, to relax, to be amazed by the hidden wilderness and perhaps even to find new ways to enjoy life.

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