Marktgemeinde Reichenau an der Rax. Aktuelle Informationen für BürgerInnen und Gäste von Reichenau an der Rax.

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Reichenauer Wanderführer


The Reichenau hiking guide introduces the most beautiful hikes on the Rax and on the Schneeberg!

Get an overview of the location of Reichenaus most important sites with the help of the Orientation in Reichenau, the entrances to the hiking trails, the range of selected walkways, and the lodges in the region.

Our Reichenau photo album will show you how beautiful it is here with us: 360° panorama pictures of winter and summer!

Virtual Lodge Book??? Never heard of it? No wonder: This is the only one! Are you dreaming right now about your beautiful hike or demanding but wonderful ski tour? Want to tell others about it? Take a look - you can do it with our Virtual Lodge Book!

Our events calendar will inform you about all events that are taking place in and around Reichenau. You can even announce your own events here!

Are you looking for real estate in the Reichenau? Are you selling or renting? You dont need to use eBay, you can use our blackboard, too; its read often (we can tell by the webserver statistics :-)) Of course, there are also other categories other than real estate. Another free service from the community of Reichenau!

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