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Even though the town of Reichenau might seem at small at first glance, as a historically noble spa location of the old Austro-Hungarian monarchy, it certainly has many historical and cultural sights on offer.

Orientierungspläne von Reichenau

The small book "Reichenauer Spaziergänge" is certainly recommended for browsing and is available at the tourist centre for € 16,90, includes seven thorough descriptions of historical/cultural hikes, and is published by Prof. Eng. Robert Pap.

"Reichenauer Spaziergänge" leads to 95 historically cultural locations and buildings via seven routes which are also indicated by placards. The sights are described in detail by the book.

The guide is illustrated with 210 pictures which are also partially published for the first time. This cultural guidebook is an ideal hiking companion through the past and present Reichenau an der Rax.

Das Rathaus in einer alten Ansicht This wonderful old illustration has been selected to pique your interest. The photos and of course many more sights can be found in the book and naturally on location at the

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