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Reichenau an der Rax (.uk)

Reichenau an der Rax (.uk)

The municipality of Reichenau an der Rax is situated where the narrow gorge of the Schwarza widens into a valley.

Between Rax and Schneeberg massif on the one side and the Semmering and Wechsel region on the other side, Reichenau an der Rax is considered to be a well-known and popular starting point for hikes and also a place for recreation for body and soul.

Maps of the beautiful paths and hiking tracks can be found here.


The unspoilt nature of the upper Schwarza valley was also the decisive reason for the exploitation of the mountain sources in order to establish the first Viennese “Hochquellwasserleitung” (drinking water supply) that supplies Vienna – envied of all other capitals- with the best drinking water worldwide.


Die schönsten Wanderungen auf Rax und Schneeberg - Das Bild zeigt in abwechselnder Folge Bergpanoramen von Rax und Schneeberg, Wanderschuhen, Hüttenessen und Wegmarkierungen
Visit the interactive Reichenau hiking guide!
In summer it is a pleasure to go swimming in one of the two open-air swimming pools but it is an exciting experience to jump into the waters of the Schwarza in the Höllental. Those who are interested in winter sports will find good conditions on Rax Mountain. The Rax cable railway, the first Austrian carrier cable railway working without a single accident since 1926, takes you up to the holiday paradise. The piste situated on Preiner Gscheid is even opened at night and is an insiders’ tip for skiers and snowboarders – from beginner to expert.

Already during the times of the imperial-royal court there were artists who accompanied the city dwellers who spent some time in their summer resort Reichenau an der Rax and offered them some cultural pastime.

Even famous people like Schnitzler, Doderer, Alma Mahler-Werfl and Loos enjoyed the beauties of Reichenau an der Rax and its landscape during the summer months.

These days Vienna’s most famous actors come to Reichenau an der Rax not only because of the country’s charm, but also because they take part in the Reichenau theatre festival .

There are numerous events all year round in the newly-renovated Reichenau castle and elsewhere which offer a high-quality cultural programme with plenty of variation. Go to and for further information.

The Semmering railway which is part of the UNESCO World’s Cultural Heritage and was the world’s first high mountain railway was built by Carl Ritter von Ghega and completed in 1855. Today it is the most important way of getting to Reichenau an der Rax in addition to the motorway. (,

Reichenau is about 100 kilometres away from Vienna and about 70 kilometres away from Graz. It is easily accessible by taking the motorway A2. At the junction Seebenstein you have to take the dual carriageway S6 up to the exit Gloggnitz.


How to get there


But in spite of the good infrastructure leaving Reichenau is always difficult. Gourmets are attracted by restaurants offering fresh Schwarza trouts and Rax game. Stylish hotels and boarding houses invite you to stay. Friendliness and warmth expressed by Reichenau’s inhabitants are another reason to come.


Just come (again) to Reichenau!


The municipality of Reichenau is looking forward to your visit and is at your disposal further information.


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